A Clean House — A Clear Mind

Residential Cleaning Services

Home Cleaning Services

Palmetto Cleaning Services provide:

  • Initial consultation service to determine cleaning needs
  • Custom designed package of services for your business
  • Use of environmentally safe cleaning products (upon request)
  • Ongoing quality monitoring
  • Competent individuals to provide services
  • Monthly cleaning inspection forms

Take Pride in Your Home leave it in good condition always! Your home is as much a reflection on you as it is on your family.

Standards for cleaning a basic residential whole house cleaning service include:

Kitchen: sinks, counter top, appliances are washed free of dirt, grease, soap, scouring powder residue, and removable stains. Clean and disinfect sinks, appliances, and counter tops using a germicidal detergent. Disinfect Microwave. Stainless steel surfaces cleaned and brightened.

Bathroom clean and free of dirt, grease, soap, scouring powder residue, removable stains, mildew stains. Tile cleaned and mildew stains removed. Wiping all knick-knacks in bathroom.

Bedroom, dining room, family room, (recreation room, gym) dust all items, clean all mirrors, window sills, lampshades, and knick-knacks

Wood floors cleaned — free of streaks and smudges; waxed or damp mopped

Carpeting vacuumed

...Everything I asked was done beautifully. "Green" cleaning products were used at my request, the house looked so good, smelled so good - I can't describe what a thrill it was to walk into the house and take it all in... Great experience - friendly and professional - A+!!!

— a grateful customer

Palmetto Cleaning Services guarantees your satisfaction. Period. If you’re not satisfied we will return that same day or next to re-clean any area with which you are dissatisfied.

The following services charged an additional fee: Making of bed, laundry, cleaning of stove, oven, refrigerator, window cleaning, basement, attic, ceiling fans, baseboards, washing dishes, blinds, pets, and organization of any room or office.

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